We Start Fires: We Start Fires (Hot Noise)


ARSON may not big or clever, but the debut offering from Darlington’s premier fire-starters is undoubtedly both.

It’s little wonder that the fiesty foursome have been hotting up the pages of national music bible NME magazine when they can produce a record as good as this.

If you’re looking for the band’s trademark all-guns blazing punk-pop, clever lyrics and sassy attitude, you won’t be disappointed.

From the Blondiesque glam-punk Magazine, which was their first chart-eligible single, to the fabulously smouldering Let’s Get Our Hands Dirty, the offering is pure rock and roll.

But the fierce boy-girl quartet also take the opportunity to show their softer side with poignantly haunting Wicked Spell and the delightfully catchy Looking For You.

With powerful vocals, insistent drums, thumping bass lines and swirling keyboards, this boy and three girls certainly know how to make music.

Strong, bold and delivered with attitude, this is a debut to be proud of. It’s been a year in the making, but the eponymous album from the North-East’s brightest pyromaniacs is an absolute corker.