We Start Fires is a male and female band that bears the traces of many of its classic him’n’her set-ups, from the golden age of team-up which is a new wave or post-punk, through Riot Grrrl and Britpop, to adult electronic rockers this.

All the music echoes of this era were driven by their WSF setbacks holding them back from extraordinary heights. They even pinched the names of the more iconic pop stars (Becky Stefani his brother drummer and family name Wade) Four pieces of Darlington have admitted that they always wanted to combine glamor Debbie Harry’s glamor with the frenzied Stooges.

an amazing ambition but one that has proven to be entirely unrealistic. Play You, We Start Fires’ new single, has more in common with the stupid -77 Class of punk-pop from Rezillos We Start Fires was able to attract the attention of John Peel, who mentioned the band in his book, Margrave of the Marshes, and put it in his last record box. In 2005, they released two “highly collectible” singles. Then they launched Club Strut. their response to the lack of appropriate places in Darlington where men and women can wear warm clothes and dance to rock’n’roll. Following the trip to SXSW, a BBC Culture Show documentary and abundant sessions for indie radio stations