Have Fun With a Nerf Paintball Gun

Let’s face it, Nerf Products are fun. From Nerf balls that stick to targets to Nerf air guns, these toys are simply amazing! Instead of darts, some Nerf guns blast paint darts, which can be just the toy for an outdoor paintball game.
Although a nerf paintball gun are safe if handled responsibly, it’s important to take certain precautions when firing any paintball gun.
First, it’s important to add protective eyewear to your gear. This keeps the chemicals in the paint from entering the sensitive eye area. Never point the gun at an opponent’s eye, ear, or mouth area. If paint from a nerf paintball gun gets into your eyes, ears, or mouth, be sure to immediately rinse the area with water and get medical attention if an allergic reaction occurs.
Secondly, it’s always a good idea to wear a vest. As the paint darts are air propelled, the force of the paintball shot can hurt, if fired at close range. A second reason to wear a vest is to keep the game centered in a specific area for scoring, and protect your clothing.
The last precaution is to never fire a Nerf paintball gun, or any type of air rifle, at babies or animals. What might not hurt or cause a medical reaction for you, may be harmful to little ones or animals.
The last most important tip is to never, ever point or display your air rifle or paintball gun in public where it may be mistaken for an actual weapon. Not only does that traumatize others but it can result in police hurting you in an attempt to disarm you, if they don’t know it is a toy. There have been cases of young children being shot by police as they were mistaken for an armed and dangerous individual. ]
With these few safety precautions, you will have nothing but fun playing with your Nerf Paintball gun.